The benefits of Haloterapy

Known as salt therapy, this treatment essentially involves sitting in a room filled with rock salt and inhaling salty air that's being pumped in by a halogenerator. It is the same principle of when we go to the sea! This is a solution to complete or provide for this good healthy process. The main benefits are on the respiratory system in case of viral infections, allergical cold, asthma, sinus infections, etc. In our salt room there are a game corner for kids and two massage armchairs.

Conditions and prices

The therapy takes 40 minutes
- 15 € each therapy
- special offer for 5 therapies: 60 €
- special offer for 10 therapies: 110 €
Kids Special Offer: kids under 12 years old free if it is present an adult (maximum 2 kids each adult).
IMPORTANT: It is not suitable for people prone to severe arterial hypertension, uncontrolled hyperthyroidism, heart failure, kidney failure, iodine allergy, oncological diseases and acute infections in progress.