Carnival Time!

One of the most important events during the year is Carnival! It is a both cultural and social aggregation moment. Each village, big or small, is represented by local characters, that is like a mascotte with strange name and clothes. A lot of comunity dinners, dancing and parties are organized in this period that starts the 6th of January in Varallo (called "Vegia Pasquetta") and ends the Ash Wednesday in Borgosesia ("Mercu Scurot"). In this period, along all the Sesia Valley, it is not unusual to see big boiled pots where, onece a year, volonteers cook "Paniccia" that is a special and nutritious soup: it is quite different from "Panissa" that is a type of risotto done on the level ground between Vercelli and Novara. Remember to bring with you confetti and a pot to collect and taste "Paniccia" to bring with you at home!

Skiing Season 2019-2020

Thanks to generous snowfall,  the ski complex Monterosa Ski, known also as Freeride Paradise, will be open till the 14th of April. Here the link to the official web-site.

Sesia Valley Events

Discover all the events looking to the official Tourist Office site. Here the link to ATL Valsesia e Vercelli web-site.